The Bottom Line

Command Crew:

The Bottom Line, flagship of the Raethos Dynasty fleet, was lost from the Imperium for several years while its crew endured the Dark Voyage. It has returned under the command of Lord-Captain Caldar Raethos.

More about the history and culture of The Bottom Line can be found here.

Ship Overview
Name: The Bottom Line Class: Frigate
Speed: 0 Manoevrability: 0 Crew: 100/100
Detection: 0 Turret rating: 0 Morale: 100/100
Shields: 0 Armour: 0 Hull integrity: 50/50
Warrant and Ship Origin Path
Warrant Age: Fortune & Fate: Acquisition:
Sanction: Contacts: Warrant Renown:
Past History:
Background Package:
Component Type Notes Space Power SP
Hull Frigate - -
Plasma Drive -
Warp Engine
Geller Field
Void Shield
Life Sustainers
Crew Quarters
Auger Arrays
(Cargo hold)
Totals: XX XX XX
Weapon Type Notes Strength Crew Damage Range Location

The Bottom Line

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