Raethos Dynasty

The Raethos Dynasty is a Rogue Trader family based out of Scintilla. Their allies include the Laelia family and their principal enemies are the Valerian Dynasty.

Recent History

Young Master Caldar was born the only son of Lord Arek, a renowned Rogue Trader and head of the Raethos noble house of Hive City Tarsus on Scintilla. Growing up the scion of a noble house, son of a Rogue Trader and in perhaps the busiest trade port in the Calixis Sector, Caldar wanted for nothing throughout his childhood. Though he was a quick study and learned what he was taught with ease, Caldar resented his father for his continuous absence on trade missions and acted out by abusing his station. Secure in the knowledge that he was constantly under surveillance by very accomplished bodyguards from his House, Caldar would take to the streets and carouse, taking any exotic drugs he could find and picking fights with anyone who looked at him funny or commented on his Noble’s complexion. Should he get in over his head, Caldar would simply laugh at his would-be opponents as his House’s concealed servants moved in and dealt with them.

On his 20th birthday, Lord Arek saw fit to bring his son on board The Bottom Line to observe and learn the rest of his trade firsthand. There, Caldar saw a new side of his father: an able, compassionate commander who carefully trod the lanes of power in the sector to keep his family’s fortunes looking rosy. Though he respected his father, he resisted his attempts to bridge the gap between them and instead spent what time he could studying swordplay with the crew and listening to them spin yarns of the riches and glory to be had out beyond the Maw.

Four years later, Caldar made his first journey aboard The Bottom Line to Port Wander, a location that immediately captured his young imagination. Here was a real opportunity for adventure, where all a man needed was guts and perseverance to make his fortune. He was entranced as he watched through the observation dome, the giant chaos storms rippling and roiling out in the distance. His father spent two days at Port Wander, in a tense conference with a rival family, but when he returned to the ship he was in high spirits. Caldar assumed negotiations had gone well. Unfortunately, the good feelings were to be short-lived.

During the journey back to Scintilla, an agent of the rival House deactivated the ship’s Gellar Field mid-jump. The resulting Warp intrusion is something Caldar does not like to speak of, and it claimed the lives of his father, the ship’s Navigator, the Astropath, and most of the crew. When relative order was restored, it fell to Caldar to gather the tattered crew and attempt to make the most of their situation. Charting the ship’s position by the stars, and traveling in a series of short hops, constantly re-calibrating the warp paths, Caldar led his skeleton crew home to Scintilla over a grueling eight ship-months of travel. To his dismay, in the intervening time and with the wild energies of the warp swirling during the incursion, a full ten years of real time had elapsed after their disappearance.

With the Trade Warrant apparently lost for ten years, House Raethos lost a considerable amount of standing and many of its allied Houses, including the Laelia family, were subject to continuous erosion of power by rival families. Caldar returned home to a bleak situation. Taking two years to assemble his resources, repair the ship, hire new crew, and formulate a plan of action, Caldar has set his sights on the Coronus expanse to reverse his family’s fortunes and those of their allies. He is determined to make a name for himself out in the void.

Raethos Dynasty

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