Laelia family


For generations the Laelia navigator line has enjoyed a partnership with the Raethos Dynasty. The Laelias supplied them with Navigators for their ships and provided a network of contacts within the Nobilite. In return the Traders increased their material status beyond what they already possessed as an old, established line.

In the last decade, however, the Laelia family has been the target of a hostile takeover from another Navigator/Trader alliance, the Valerian Dynasty. At present this alliance holds a controlling interest in nearly 100% of the Laelias’ incomes that don’t stem from the Raethos. Although outwardly the Laelias appear to be as prosperous as ever, they are waiting for the inevitable hammer to fall. They are desperately seeking a stable independent source of income and are leaning on their Trader partners more than ever.

As the Laelias’ independent incomes dwindled, they were forced to search out riskier and riskier investments, eventually developing underworld contacts. When The Bottom Line’s crew was seeking replacements, the Laelias attempted to fill as many slots as possible to receive high-risk, high-reward signing bonuses. The largest by far was for Nihilius de Wolfe, an extremely skilled pilot with a criminal history. Nihilius had distinguished himself on board a naval vessel where Tertius Marcus served as Navigator.

Geneaology and Family History

The Laelia family maintains a strict control over its Navigator gene. Through a combination selective inbreeding and prenatal gene therapy they are able to predict and control its expression. Family members are either Navigators with full power over their abilities or Progenitors, possessing unexpressed versions. Generally Navigators do not bear children, leaving this duty to the Progenitors.

The oldest living generation of the Laelia family are three siblings: Ophelia Astra and her twin brothers Tertius Marcus Albus Sinister and Marcus Albus Dexter. Tertius is a Navigator, and the other two are married to cousins from other parts of the family.

Ophelia’s son Pius and Marcus Dexter’s oldest daughter Mariana married to produce Septima Sabina and her two brothers. Of Marcus Dexter’s other two daughters, one (Sexta Olivia) is a Navigator and one (Metella) married Tertius Marcus. Tertius’s daughter Octavia Melissa is currently an infant but is in Navigator training to follow her father. It was also planned for Tertius to have a child with his brother’s current wife, but the boy was stillborn.

Ophelia and Marcus Dexter also produced children together as brother and sister in a two-generation attempt to intensify the bloodline. They had intended for their son XXXX1 to marry Ophelia’s daughter Crespia (from her primary husband), but he balked and was replaced in this role by his brother Antoninus. The result of their union (Quartus Lucius) possessed the powerful Navigator genes they had anticipated; however, he perished in a Gellar Field accident.

Notable Members

Septima Sabina Mariana Laelia is currently the Navigator of The Bottom Line (Raethos Dynasty). She grew up surrounded by family as one of the youngest members, and has been prepared to accept this role her whole life. It remains to be seen whether she will grow to meet the expectations of those who knew her cousin and previous Navigator of the ship, Quartus.

Quartus Lucius Antoninus Laelia was the product of several generations’ worth of focused breeding attempting to refine the Navigator gene. His powerful abilities made him a strong asset to the Laelias and their trading partners the Raethos, but also a target for rival Navigator families. He died when his ship was subject to an intentional Gellar Field malfunction during full Warp.

Tertius Marcus Sinister Laelia was once a skilled Navigator and keen political analyst, but time and mutation have not been kind, and he is showing his age. Due to the secret decline of the Laelias he has retired from active duty and has attempted to produce more offspring for the family. His first child never lived, but his daughter is currently three years old and will be a strong Navigator one day—if her family survives that long.

Sexta Olivia Julia Laelia is the oldest active Navigator in the family. Her siblings have not seen her in over five years, as she has been on duty aboard the Maximum Utility as part of a tentative alliance with the Saint-Claire Dynasty. Unbenknownst to her, the Saint-Claires have little interest in a permanent Laelia alliance and intend to string her along for as long as possible.

1 Albus Marcus Laelia’s name has been stricken from the family records and does not appear on any official documents. When he was commanded at the age of 18 to impregnate his younger half-sister, he fled the estate rather than perform the act. Although he was not originally intended to express the Navigator gene, he joined a Renegade House in the far reaches of the sector and accepted gene treatments to unlock his potential. He currently serves aboard a mercenary raider posing as a traditional psyker.

Laelia family

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