Halo Artefacts

Halo Artefacts are xenos artefacts discovered amidst the ruins of ancient alien worlds in the Halo Stars. The devices use a process completely beyond the understanding of Imperial lore to manipulate the body and mind of those they bond with, making their hosts extremely difficult to kill and effectively immortal.

The worlds from which Halo Artefacts are found are truly ancient and utterly lifeless, orbiting dead stars that must have burned their brightest many thousands of millennia ago. They are usually found buried in the decayed basalt biers and shattered cyclopean ruins of their maker’s civilization.

Halo Artefacts come in many forms and appear to be untouched by the effects of time. Most are small and easily confused with odd jewelry, small pieces of armour, and curious miniature statuary. Some range in appearance from smooth, carbuncular talismans to strange scarab or fossil-like objects, or sinister orbs with fluid and glossy surfaces. The form of an Artefact is known to have no influence over its powers.

This article is based on the Halo Devices article from the unofficial Warhammer encyclopedia Lexicanum and developed with consideration to the Games Workshop patent rights policy.

Halo Artefacts

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