Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 14

In the Captain’s war room, the crew discussed the road ahead. The eventual goal would be to uncover the final resting place of Saint Cognatius, but to do that would require the aid of the Adherents of Alenyikov on Sideria II. Kavik also wished to gain information on the Inquisition operative Lucius Rosen and his surveillance of Cognatius. Triox suggested that acquiring another ship would be a good idea, and observed that there were many ships free for the taking at the Processional of the Damned.

At Footfall, the Collateral Damage made rendezvous with the Gilded Hook and received a status update on the colony of Light Returned. Herodion acquired a killer deal on an immense cargo of spices and allowed the spice vendor license to claim Draque’s endorsement.

An influential warehouse master on Footfall recognized the Gilded Hook and inquired about its previous owner. Kavik invited the man to dinner and learned his name was Porlops Myle. The old man carried a small xeno pet with him that appeared to have a minor psychic bond.

Adelaide informed Lilyth that she had done some digging on Myle and found that he had a strong, almost perverted interest in xenos artifacts and trophies. Lilyth found this act of initiative suspicious and asked Medoc to keep an eye on the other missionary.

Burne and Goat took Hero out on shore leave, and explained to him that he should forgive Victrix for almost killing him in a fit of bloodrage. Victrix meanwhile went shopping for xenos entrails at a market in the Kroot district.

On the other side of the Maw at Port Wander, Lilyth and Kavik inquired about records on Lucius Rosen and learned that they would need to consult the archives at Scintilla.

Triox paid a visit to the forge-world at Rubycon II and learned that Magos Arkanar was leading an Explorator fleet to catalogue the Processional of the Damned, on a theory that ships’ arrivals there could be predicted. Triox also inquired about genetic samples collected from Myles’ “Fifi-Bird” and was told that they originated at Rain.

Hero later accompanied Triox to Rubycon II and negotiated for a manufactorum and water treatment facility to be fabricated and made ready for delivery to Light Returned. Then the two had tea.


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