Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 13

On the return trip from the Ork-ravaged system, Hero was left an anonymous note and communication logs that indicated a spy for another House was aboard the ship, implicating the Montresor and Canseco Dynasties. Hero tasked Medoc with finding the mole and chided him for not doing his duties.

Kavik agreed to let Adelaide stay with the ship on its journey to return Lucius Rosen’s skull to the Aleynikov grand shrine on Sideria II. He did not let on what he and Lilyth had discovered, that Rosen was actually an Inquisition operative monitoring Saint Cognatius for heresy. Kavik made the decision to meet the Gilded Hook at Footfall and continue through the Maw to the Calixis Sector to stock up for a long journey. He also planned to use Lilyth’s Inquisition contacts to dig up ancient information on Rosen.

At Mauritius, commanding officer Grantz had gotten wind of the black market arrangement with Sloan and accused Kavik of underhanded smuggling. Kavik challenged him to a duel and he declined, intimidated. The Collateral Damage left the station having sold back the wreckage of Summer’s Bounty and bearing a letter of valor for combat against the Orks. Grantz was not pleased at how he came off in the arrangement.


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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