Into that Vast Expanse

Non-Technical Records of Genetor Kalin S3


Draque informed me of his intent to ferry some menials to a backwater system to start a colony. I hope some profit can be made of the venture so it is not wholly a loss.

Draque has executed a traitor. Signs of physically-enhanced interrogation were present. I have taken the opportunity to build rapport with Subject CD-0003 slightly. I can see that Draque intends to use it as a lesson the the crew, #3 included. Should #3 require a shoulder to cry on, I shall see that mine is available.

I have joined Subject CD-0003, along with the quartermaster and master at arms, for a “party.” This experience has redoubled my belief that the flesh must be improved lest it fail due to its inherent weakness.

We have located the ship Draque was pursuing and apprehended it. Draque has taken command, and intends its use as a colonial transport.

The system is more interesting than I had anticipated and may yet reveal secrets of use to me. Surveys are under way.



ElAdoran ElAdoran

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