Into that Vast Expanse

Non-Technical Records of Genetor Kalin S2


Medicae systems are installed. They appear to be fully functional, although full nerve integration has still not been achieved. I expect to have all mechadendrites functional within one month.

I visited the Temple Gate today. The Machine Spirits there were ancient and wise, and I managed to gain permission to travel through the Gate myself. The experience was transcendental. Were I still as ignorant as I used to be, I would wish to stay at the Gate for much longer, perhaps the rest of my life. My studies are of a more urgent nature, however, and must take precedence.

On a more serious note, I returned to the Collateral Damage to find the ship overrun by undisciplined rabble. I must take precautions to ensure they do not interfere with the important rites of ship maintenance.

I accompanied Subject CD-0003 on a resource-gathering expedition to Footfall. I have engendered some goodwill. Subject has virtually no family history of mutation or insanity. Confirmed as viable experimentation subject. Phase II to commence in 3 days.

Draque has hosted a departure feast. No anomalous behavior by any parties.

The ship seems to be overjoyed to be traveling again.

I have acquired a sample of Subject CD-0003’s genetic material. Initial tests yield promising results, but further refinement of techniques is necessary.



ElAdoran ElAdoran

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