Into that Vast Expanse

Non-Technical Records of Genetor Kalin


Research proceeds apace. The nerve damage is still extensive: alternate methods of delivering the Spark through machines appear infeasible. I will need to examine possible genetic solutions.

The acolytes and I board Draque’s shuttle tomorrow. It will be a relief to be away from here.

We have boarded the transport. Draque is in his usual form. Time will tell if he will be able to restrain himself from demanding access to the Holy Enginarium at the worst possible time. With him was the woman Victrix. As previously noted, she shows signs of possible genetic engineering already. Unlikely to be a promising test subject.

An ex-soldier named Renatus joined us today. She exhibits signs of mental scarring from extreme trauma and appears to take succour in her pain from the cult of the God-Emperor. Estimate 12% chance of willingness to participate in experiments, 63% chance to react hostilely to suggestion. Avoid subject for now.

Addendum: Renatus has complied with my request to use part of the Collateral Damage’s medical facilities. Her cooperation is noted.

Today’s addition to the crew shows no immediate utility and was apparently a favor to the boy’s father. Draque has placed him in charge of finances for the time being. The boy exhibits standard Imperial physiology with little to no genetic drift from the stock of Holy Terra. His genetic blank slate, visual distinctiveness and lack of actual efficacy make him the most suitable candidate for experimentation thus far encountered on this voyage. Should use of force become necessary, his lack of defense skills is ideal. I must take steps to prepare.

Discussion commenced today about the first destination of the Collateral Damage. I believe I have swayed Draque toward an investigation of the Foundling World, Rain. Machine God grant the secrets of that sphere will prove useful.

We have arrived at Port Wander. The Collateral Damage is as impressive as the scribes indicated. Her archeotechnological systems show signs of wear, and I suspect that the previous custodian was not as skilled as he considered himself to be. Full notes of initial analyses can be located in log file 4956071. The machine spirit is slippery, and shows every sign of wishing to pass through the Maw as quickly as possible. This ship should prove ideal for my purposes.



ElAdoran ElAdoran

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