Into that Vast Expanse

Lord-Captain's Personal Log 4


+++FILE DESIGNATION: Lord-Captain’s Personal Logfile+++
+++TEMPUS: 4.260.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Merv 12RB-75+++

This place is ill-favored. When we first arrived in this system, a chill swept through the crew and it was only by the assertion of my iron will that I succeeded in averting a potentially catastrophic panic. Now, I know why.

The arcology on the icy satellite – designated Shin by our Astromancer – contained extensive historical records. It appears that the destruction of the colony occurred during a “perfect alignment of the planets”, creating the design of an eight-pointed star. This horrific omen was made ever-worse by the arrival of what the colonists referred to as “the Wanderer”. It seamlessly incorporated into the stellar alignment, producing the nine-pointed mark of the Changer. May the Emperor be our Light and our Shield in this dark place. It was then that the cold star was snuffed out and became the super-dense gas giant Ozymandias. At some point the rest of the outposts were destroyed and the Wanderer was shattered.

I ordered High Ecclesiarch Thunderwrath to take his acolytes and cleanse the arcology of the heresy and death within with the Emperor’s holy flame. However, the expedition was not a complete loss. Triox was able to recover artefacts of significant value from the ruins before the cleansing. They certainly originate from the Dark Age of Technology, but appear to be free of the taint the infects the rest of this place. The people here never knew the cleansing light of the God-Emperor of Man and paid dearly for it. It seems that the Ecclesiarchal colony that Deacon Ifechi originally intended to found would be well placed in this system. I will have to consider this matter again after a further exploration of the system.

Nicostratus appears to have taken his first brush with heresy rather poorly. However, he managed to hold it together until we had cleared the largest structure of the arcology. To his credit, I have seen Guardsmen collapse into a gibbering heap at first contact with horrors of Chaos. He has potential, this is certain. I merely hope I can keep him alive until he realizes it himself.



ElAdoran ElAdoran

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