Into that Vast Expanse

Hero's Diary: Entry 4

I am never awaying again

Dear Diary,
I want to go home. I want to go home more than I have wanted a great deal many other things and also I might be a touch on the inebriated side but if you blame me for that well then you have not seen the terrible things that i saw on that horrid, forsaken abomination of a polanet. and I didn’t even see them, really. Don’t know what they are. Thought eerything was going to be fine but it wasn’t. It won’t. Nthing is fine. I saw something or didn’t see it? Im nto really sure, but nobody is okay with what we might have seen. Not even the baptain or Victrix or any of those other lot that do horrible, nasty, brutish work all the damn time. I want to go home. Please. I just wnat a bath and some real, decent food and to forget that this all ever hapepned or existed. I miss my friends. I miss muy sisters. I don’t think I’ll see any of them ever agaibn and I don’t think I ever really expalined or said goodbye. I never even said goodbye. Not that father wil really miss me, but tht’s not who I am really concerned about here. He never really was converned about any of us, but my poor darling sisters, what shall they do without me? And yes, I am sure you are reading this and muttering and alughing to yourself, Medoc, but qite frankly I don’t give a damn and if I do live long enough to see the end of my tenure on this dmaneable ship you can best be sure you’ll be getting your compuppance directly from yours truly. But for right now my glas is not ever going to be empty until my head is full and I don’t see waht’s going on in my mind anymore. Goodbye diary, because the floor is gently speaking to me and seems nice and cool and comfortable. I am just going to lay down for a while. May I never wke up and do an away mission again.


OOC: We should publish our beautiful campaign, if only so the internet can watch with thinly-veiled worry/horror as Hero slowly spirals out of control. I’m worried for the poor man, and I’m in the campaign.

Hero's Diary: Entry 4
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