Into that Vast Expanse

Hero's Diary Entry 3

In Which My Wardrobe is Imperiled

Dear Diary,
Now, I don’t mean to complain. Far be it from me to do something as gauche as speak ill of my captain. But some of the things that man has subjected me to recently are downright atrocious and, to be quite blunt, a bit barbaric. Apparently one of the crew had been working for two masters and was foolish enough to get caught. I mean, honestly, it’s one thing play that sort of game on a planet where you’re free to come and go (or at the very least make yourself scarce), but on a ship? Clearly the woman was in over her head. Draque called us all to what I assumed was going to be another of his tedious staff meetings, but instead he had decided to try his hand at theatrics. After what I’m sure he considered a moving speech about traitors and something about trust and something else (I wasn’t honestly paying all that much attention until the end) he made us watch as he sent the poor girl into the cold void of space. Certainly not how I would have handled the situation.

To take my mind off such dreadful business (and to make up for an absolutely appalling lunch with Deacon Ifechi) I met up with the boys for a bit of fun in the officer’s mess. Messaged out to both Triox and Miss Victrix, but the latter was apparently indisposed. Can’t help but wonder if perhaps she was with the captain? Still don’t have a particularly good read on those two. Must make a note to pay closer attention. I’m sure there is some absolutely delicious story about how those two ended up together. At anyrate, Triox joined us in the hall and we had an excellent time all around. Very nearly forgot about the whole, nasty affair. That is, until the captain dragged my somewhat hungover person into another meeting and off-ship mission.

I think that, perhaps, that either myself or the captain are unclear as to what my duties aboard this vessel ought to be. At every opportunity he seems to think it his job to educate me in the ways of his world and include me in the most grim and messy of tasks. I suppose I may as well indulge him, since he is technically holding the purse strings for the moment. However, if I have to witness the captain execute one more person I am going to start inquiring about these summons ahead of time. I’d much rather not ruin what limited wardrobe I’ve got.

When next I write, Diary, I’ll update you on what treasures we’ve found in this new system. It’s been ages since I’ve done some proper antique appraisal.


OOC: Oh my good heavens, but this is delightful. <3

Hero's Diary Entry 3
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