Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 9

Making port at Ratgut

Resuming normal functions after the unexpected Warp incursion left them stranded in dead space, the Collateral Damage continued its previous course to Ratgut under assurances from Orpheus that the way would remain smooth. The Navigator’s actions were true to his words and Ratgut was reached without further incident.

At the space station, Hero informed Kavik of the attempted mutiny aboard the Gilded Hook but this information was too slow for the captain’s approval. As punishment, Kavik ordered Hero confined to the ship when not performing his duties on the station. Hero sulked his way through unloading the archeotech goods and acquiring provisions from the planet’s algae farms.

Their pockets flush with new wealth, the rest of the crew had mercantile affairs to settle. Triox acquired a heavy-industrial utility mechadendrite and modified it to be able to carry the zero-point energy manipulator acquired on Tasdi. Lilyth made acquaintance with a former Inquisitorial guardsman who was proud to bequeath her his flame weapon, as he could no longer use it but could not bear to sell it for lucre. Victrix fulfilled a bounty on the target she had acquired on the Gilded Hook and informed a clerk about the ship’s change in ownership.

This information traveled through Ratgut’s rumor mill and reached the ears of Sloan, an underworld kingpin who had former dealings with Sarles Canseco. He invited Kavik to take Canseco’s place in a trade partnership, the first step of which being to deliver a shipment of weapons to the war-world Wretched in exchange for Promethium.

Kavik was not pleased to deal with this unsavory individual but made arrangements for the Gilded Hook to perform the transaction anyway while the Collateral Damage set off to follow a lead at the Mauritius dockyards.


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