Into that Vast Expanse

Collateral Damage session 2

A plot hook is found

Before setting off from Port Wander, the Collateral Damage held an inaugural banquet to officially set the new captain on his first voyage. The military fare was not exactly what you’d call “high provender” (it was mostly freeze-dried chicken) but only Herodion was seriously dismayed.

At the Temple Gate, Kavik ordered a stop to visit the way station and allow Triox to make a pilgrimage to the archaeotech structures there. While Kavik was speaking with the administrator, Lilyth and Victrix noticed that the hallways appeared to be full of refugees. In fact they were Macutian colonists en route to a barely-charted system in Winterscale’s Realm, but they had been stranded by an unscrupulous Rogue Trader captaining a transport named the Gilded Hook who promised them passage but stole their equipment and made off in the night.

Kavik and Victrix met with their leader, Deacon Ifechi, and agreed to take the colonists aboard and help them establish their settlement, under the condition that the new colony’s incomes be turned toward Draque’s coffers. However, they would need to recover the industrial supplies and prefabricated habitations that had been stolen, and thus they would need to track down the Gilded Hook.

At Footfall, Herodion and Kavik were not able to find detailed charts of the system whose coordinates Ifechi had specified, but they did acquire general maps of Winterscale’s Realm. Victrix learned that the Gilded Hook had passed through the port just a week earlier. Emboldened, the crew set off in pursuit, racing to Ifechi’s planet.


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