Into that Vast Expanse

Chief-Chirurgeon Log 4

+++FILE DESIGNATION: Chief-Chirurgeon Log+++
+++TEMPUS: #.###.###.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Mirv 12RB-75+++

This ill omened system bears the taint of the warp. The wretched inhabitants never knew the light of the God Emperor and for that they suffered and fell into decadence and corruption. I see the taint everywhere. This planet is cursed. This place must be cleansed. That lower level was the worst, it had a palpable weakness of the veils, the foul taste of Chaos hung in the air, the dark whispers that always plague me almost downing out His Voice. It was a start with Thunderwrath giving those souls the justice they deserve and sending them to His Light to be judged.

Ahh the Flames, so pure and unblemished. They bring forth His Light. His Will. His Embrace. Here I shall be His Light. Here I shall be His Will. I shall give all His Embrace. I have seen darkness now more than once, and it is always the same. Seductive at first, but ultimately deadly. Not just to your own soul, but the souls of those around you. That is the greatest danger of corruption and heresy. Bringing danger on yourself is egregious, but bringing danger to your comrades is the most unforgivable of transgressions. Heresy must be purged as soon as it is uncovered, and it must be uncovered as soon as possible. It is a plague that spreads, a cancer that grows, a wound that festers. The only treatment is The Emperor’s Mercy.

The “confluence” as those heathens could call it that happened with that rogue planet, “The Wanderer” just might repeat itself, we must do what we can to prevent this from happening again, especially if The Lord Captain’s plan to colonize this system is to be successful.

The boy, Herodion, I can see the same signs of corruption that the wretches on the planet exhibited. He complains too much, is vain, is soft, is coo concerned with pleasures of the flesh and worst of all is curious. He wore the Lord-Captain down on recovering that terrible arcaeotech device from the planet. Something I am ashamed to admit I did not protest more. I do not like how friendly the Engineseer is with him either. They seem to be up to something and I shall have to remain vigilant. I do not fully trust either of them.

I must meditate and purify myself, I can still feel the filth of that place on my skin.



ElAdoran ElAdoran

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