The Labrynth


The Labrynth is a horrible place filled with endless “train” tracks, stairs, roads, tunnels, zip-lines, ladders, and hollowed-out space hulks. Every place where people “live” and work is an add-on, a lean-to built atop the ancient decaying structures beneath. Ships—some unmanned—drift carefully through the maze as those who have become stranded out here in the Expanse strive to survive.
There’s this horrible thing, see, and that is everyone who’s a part of the Labrynth, everyone who’s really there to stay, has acclimated to the weird culture there. Everyone is friendly. Maybe it’s the influences of Madam Borealis and her “Peacekeepers,” hard to say.

Important Persona
The Leader of the Labrynth: Madam Borealis
The “Police Force” of the Labrynth: The Peacekeepers
The Major Crime Syndicates:

  • Blue Dragons
  • Emerald Swords
  • Red Teeth

The Head of the Mechanicus of the Lab: Fever Bright and her team of duct-tapers
The Inquisitorial Presence: Inquisitor Burdock
The “Docking Authority”: Delphi
The Trade Tycoons:

  • Cid
  • Oz
  • Draniqua

The Biocanicus: Herman Mappet
The Arbitus Presense: Liliana Dent
The Lab’s Choir: Meimoc Fink and his lovely boys.

Memet, the High Priestess
Finch, an important gossip.
Walker, the cheapest chutrugeon.
Brenna, the bodyguard.

Manerva (cross-dressing ork), proprietor of The Open Spire (bar).


  • Madam Borealis can get what you want/need, but she has a task for you first.
  • Go to The Open Spire, two of the Labrynth’s syndicates are meeting there—supposedly, it’s a neutral ground, but we got a tip saying they were going to meet. “I need to know about their deal, and they need to not know that I know about their deal.”
  • Red Teeth are selling nasty Archeotech to the Blue Dragons… who have an “off world” buyer (Eldar).

“If you’re ever trapped in the Labrynth, and you can’t get yourself out—there’s a secret you must know: Borealis keeps the ‘Station’ running with Archeotech that was Promethium… You can steal her store, but you’ll never be able to come back.
“I highly recommend trying to strike a deal with her—rather than pull off the heist of the century—but I’m DEAD, so what do I know.”
- From the Will of Captain Phil Harlock

The Labrynth

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