If Footfall is the armpit of the Koronus Expanse, then surely, Ratgut is the fungal toe-growth.


Ratgut is an outpost in that there is nothing else in its sector of the ’Expanse which acts as an outpost. However, it is far enough out of the way that it makes the perfect location for illegal trade. It attracts only the disgustingly adventurous, and the dangerously off-the-map. All praise to the Emperor of Man, but if a Kroot will take your Throne Gelt, who is to argue? Even the Emperor can see the importance of commerce; look at the sanctioned Rogue Traders.

The station is housed within a massive hollow asteroid ringed with docking ports and speckled with vents. Whether this structure was originally wrested from an Ork rok or was the product of ancient terraforming technology is unknown—respectable Mechanicus stay far away from Ratgut in its current state. Like so many of its inhabitants, Ratgut’s past is better left uninvestigated.


Below the grey and musty corridors of Ratgut lies a stagnating planet which grows an algae capable—when processed—of sustaining human life. This, besides death and bad business, is the main export of this distant way-point. Occasionally, an adventuresome algae harvester will shoot a few station rats to add a bit of stringy flavor on the side.


Due to the nature of this station, there is a “thriving” mercantile business. The extremes in poverty and wealth make for good trading—the smaller merchants can deal with the algae trade, but can’t afford the big ticket items. These, the black market can see to. While the station might not have the 3,000 pistols you’re looking for, they probably have a couple illegal Shotlas or Stutter-Las Pistols.

Ratgut has a profitable bounty office, a large trading sector, an almost-thriving red-light district, a small Administratum office, and a xeno-slum. Bribery doesn’t need to exist in a place so blatantly corrupt—the flat of a blade or the end of a gun does just as much talking as any Gelt need do.


One of the largest kingpins on Ratgut is the enigmatic Sloan.


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