House Procella

Fallen and Forgotten House Typhon's ruined estate on Holy Terra

The fall of House Typhon wrought havoc on many of the lesser, vassal Navigator houses. Of these, House Procella is a name few have heard of and fewer still remember. Regardless of their non-involvement policy during the silent war of the Elutian Confederacy, these scions of Typhon have spent countless years enduring failed business ventures and broken contracts in the wake of Typhon’s Renegade status.

Chafing under perceived unjust persecution, Procella elders vowed to redeem the family name through any means necessary.

Seeds of the Future

Logs on the Liberi Ager register mundane cargo and transport, though close examination of energy readouts betray something anomalous below decks. Only a select few hold the passcodes to the Procella’s Anima Obscura, a minority of which have access to the entirety of the Navigator genesis chambers. Ambition is made flesh in these dimly lit halls. Row after row of Navigators lie dormant—the product of intense gene therapy, selective breeding, and illicit research. After years of rigorous training and focused education, these Navigators are released on a trial basis. If they succeed, their accomplishments are lauded and they become celebrated members of the House. Failures never truly existed, making expunging records a relatively facile endeavor.

House Procella

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