Cadia is a terrestrial Fortress World on the edge of the nebula known as the Eye of Terror. The planet is situated in an area of space known as the Cadian Gate, the only stable, permanent route into and out of the Eye of Terror large enough to allow the passage of battlefleets. For this reason Cadia is heavily fortified against the assaults of Chaos and has been a frequent target of Abaddon the Despoiler’s Black Crusades.

As one of the most strategically important planets in the Imperium, Cadia boasts a large military presence. Battlefleet Cadia provides orbital protection for the planet and can call upon the assistance of neighboring sector fleets such as Battlefleet Agripinaa, Battlefleet Corona and Battlefleet Scarus. The planet’s surface is dotted with numerous orbital defense batteries, its skies patrolled by flights of Imperial Aircraft, and any incoming civilian craft which fails to transmit the daily access codes are liable to be shot down without question.

Cadia is the home planet of Content Not Found: kavik-drague.

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