Harlock Dynasty

’Stooge, and the fake Rogue Trader Shamus.

  • Shamus used to be an official on Scintilla before he was implicated for Heresy. ‘Stooge, taking advantage of Shamus’s position, offered the man Death or a very unique assignment.
  • ‘Stooge, is a (fairly high-ranking) member of the Administratum. He was sent (albeit as a form of punishment) to personally see to the Harlock Warrent of Trade when news of Phil Starwright Harlock’s death reached Imperial Space.

’Stooge’s deal was this: Shamus would pose as the inheritor of the Dynasty, and ‘Stooge could smuggle Alexis Harlock onto Doyle’s Gambit without fear of her being assassinated. After the first ten “heirs” had been eliminated, Alexis was the crew’s last chance before the dreadful Chad Spect would take command. Not even Alexis would be informed of her status as heir until she had reached the ship.

- – -

The Will of the Late Captain Phil Harlock (as possessed by Stooge).

“In the case of my inevitable and grisly demise, to my only surviving blood relative:

“I bequeath to you, the Harlock Warrant of Trade, as granted by the Emperor of Man. This document is to be kept upon your person at all times.

“If, before a year and a day, any ill shall befall my relative, the Warrant shall be passed to my dearest friend—the loathsome Mr. Chad Nidgle Shpect. As per their agreement with me, my crew will remain loyal to the Warrant and remain part of the Harlock Dynasty until the end of each individual’s contract (or to an average of five years if said document has disappeared).

“To my loving crew, I leave you with my Astromap detailing all our most lucrative ‘digs’ and the various caches in which I have hidden most of the Harlock wealth. This shall begin with an outline of the Promethium I have hidden deep within ”/wikis/the-labrynth" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Labrynth.

“All my love… -Phil.”

Harlock Dynasty

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