Into that Vast Expanse

Bottom Line campaign history
The Future is both Grim and Dark.

What follows is an infodump of several months’ worth of sessions for The Bottom Line. They were mostly dredged up out of memory and may be objectively inaccurate.

Went to Temple, found Stargate

Reclaiming the Emperor’s Bounty
→ Ambushed by Valerian Scum (acquired Hostile Takeover?)
→ Fought Navigator, found Psicarus Worm

Instructed to get rid of Psicarus Worm by High Inquisitor Drogan

Went through gate, met Tau
→ Agreed to put down Kroot rebels

Acquired Argus & Quartermaster

Destroyed Khorne influence in Imperial compound (Temple/Stargate Control)

Upon return through gate, found that the Worm was stolen (missing), investigation revealed identity.

Approached by Eldar who could tell us who did it & who could help.

Headed to rendezvous with Eldar, paused to investigate distress signal from “Bottom Line.”
→ Abandoned base full of experiments (cyborg monstrosities)

Ambushed by Valerian raiders (Hostile Takeover acquired? → earlier?)

Eldar contact warns of the Harlequin enemies.
→ Eldar requested that we clear out Bludflagg from the system.

To get aid from locals, we needed to destroy compound on war-torn world.
→ Explored compound, found clone of Sangvinius.

Fought Bludflagg with the aid of the local military.
→ Sangvinius dies in boarding action.

Bottom Line heavily damaged, brought back to Footfall for docking/repair.
Acquired Vesper Caine as an Inquisitor Stooge (for High Inquisitor Drogan)
Called to Refinery due to an attack (suspected Valerian Scum)
→ Harlequin attack (not Valerian Scum)

(Bottom Line still in Dry Dock)

Hostile Takeover goes through Stargate to deliver Elfcicles and Orks
→ Fire Caste eradicated Water Caste (suspected traitors)
→ Less interested in our stuff than Water Caste

Fire Caste mention several important goings-ons
→ Negotiations between Tau & Imperial Navy
→ Imperials to rescue
→ Planets to check out

Investigated dead planet, found matter fabricator
→ Chaos [Nurgle] Marines show up
→ Chaos agents wake up Necrons
→ We GTFO & glass planet (not in time to prevent Necron signal)

Negotiated return of Imperial slaves from Strixis
On return, got lost in the warp
→ Encountered derelict Eldar station with Xenos raiders

Got back to negotiations (just in time)
→ Negotiated treaty between the Imperial Navy and the Tau
→ Aquired Stargate planet
→ Prevented war between Imperium & Tau

Explored derelict space hulk near magnetar
→ Found Eldar memory crystal, and genestealers
→ Shot hulk into gravity well to destroy it (some Tyrranids escaped)

Sent ancient Rogue Trader remains back to Terra for Sainting

after Warp Incursion…
(Picked up Bottom Line at Footfall)

Arranged a party to announce new trade route
→ Sabotaged by Valerions, hive cluster damaged and evacuated, party relocated to the Bottom Line

Cirandros (Eldar) advised that another Eldar could be found in the ’Undred ’Undred Teef
→ Gave 4 locations that might have an ancient warp map with routes through said Teef

Explored 484-Scran Pulsar system
→ Found a moon full of Necrons.
→ Gas Gaint = Cairn Class Tombship (that left us in the dust)


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