Vestralis ship manifests

Recovered from a crashed frigate


Before the crashed wreck of His Will Be Done lost all electrical power, its survivors faithfully copied down all the data from its cogitator arrays into writing. No log was too trivial to record, for the survivors did not know how well the databanks would endure the elements until they could be rescued.

Following generations began to venerate these transcriptions as scripture from the agents of the ancient Vestralis Dynasty, whose members had plied the stars and set foot on Holy Terra itself. By the time the colony was rescued and brought aboard New Radius, the logs were given a place of respect in an Imperial shrine, illuminated with crudely homemade inks.

Much of the data contained on the logs is trivial, but they contain information on several systems that Lady-Captain Gloriantha Vestralis charted before her ship’s crash.

Vestralis ship manifests

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