Impaquil "Imp" (Grapplehawk)

A deadly mechanical predator


The “bird”, if you can even still call it a bird, which Nihilius de Wolfe acquired on Port Wander was once a majestic Eagle, though now it was a terrifying two headed beast with cold dead eyes and an eerie robotic shriek. The previous owner was a minor noble who had hit some hard times (gambling debt and other such vices) and was forced to sell his precious “Imp”—as he called it—among other things. Nihilius was quite taken by the possibilities and immediately purchased it and has since tried connecting to it with his MIU, but so far Imp has refused to communicate back.

Never having made a connection with the bird, Nihilius exchanged it in trade on Scintilla.

Art by RobinF.

Impaquil "Imp" (Grapplehawk)

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