Suriel Litobora

Chief Chirurgeon of The Bottom Line


Since her appointment aboard The Bottom Line, Litobora has seen a number of horrific wounds, and unfortunate accidents. While she is good at her job, she enjoys playing in her Chem-Lab more than amputating limbs. She has a mind sharper than surgical tools, and loves theory over practice. A Doctor of Physiks, Litobora got her start as a self-taught medicae aboard the void-ship librarium.

Absent-minded, as casual as a tech-priest in her disregard for human life (some might describe her as sadistic, but this would be incorrect—she is simply indifferent to the pain she may cause while fixing what is broken), and prone to philosophical dialogue during surgery, Suriel comes off as cold and unfeeling with a rather distant bedside manner. That’s okay though, she’s damn good at what she does.

When Gorst interviewed all of the ranking officers aboard what was formerly the Rusty Cutlass, he took an immediate shine to the laconic doctor. You have to make a living, and that was what she was doing when her employers oh-so-foolishly decided to attack The Bottom Line. The Chief Chirurgeon of The Bottom Line, an untalented lout of a man, had managed to get himself killed in the brief scuffle, and the High Factotum was pleased to find a quality replacement so quickly. She seems to like being on a ship that sees a lot of action, and once she gets over the bleeding walls, Gorst is positive she’ll love The Bottom Line more than any other ship she’s had the displeasure of being on.

Art by Super-Cute.

Suriel Litobora

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