Solus Broyle

Adviser to the High Factotum


“You seem like a good kid, Hero, but you need to relax. Sure the Lord-Captain just threatened to put you out an airlock, but… here! Try this one. It’s a blend of my own devising. I think you’ll find it most enjoyable. Life’s too short to smoke that stale trash they use down in the holds.”

For nearly a hundred years, Solus Broyle has served as Seneschal to a varied array of planetary governors, trade barons, and Rogue Traders. For the last twenty, he has been managing the personal finances and trade empire of a Rogue Trader named Targus Plinus. However, Lord-Captain Plinus recently suffered a rather ignominious end at the hands of some Eldar raiders and, lacking next of kin or a will (in a classic display of hubris), this left Solus to handle the tremendous wealth that survived his former master.

As is his duty, Solus made arrangements for his master’s wealth to be returned to the Administratum so that it might further the holy purpose of the Imperium of Man… with some small exceptions. Two large sums never quite made it. One will likely never be heard from again, but the other somehow found its way – quite subtly, of course – into the accounts of the administrator in charge of finding Solus’s next assignment. And, so, it came to pass that Solus was assigned to prepare, oversee, and ultimately manage the meagre resources of a newly rediscovered Warrant of Trade very recently granted to one General Kavik Draque, Hero of Dust.

A cushy posting, to be sure, made more so by the knowledge – unknown even to the Administratum – that Draque would be bringing along his own Seneschal and Solus’s work would be as an adviser and mentor alone. Solus could not have asked for anything better. It would give him plenty of time to pursue his new “horticultural” hobbies.

Solus Broyle

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