Septima Sabina Mariana Laelia

Navigator and Warp Guide of The Bottom Line


Septima is young, skilled, and ambitious. Although her early childhood was rich and opulent, as she matured she began to realize how quickly her family was falling. She overcompensates for this reduced status by dressing and decorating in extremely traditional Navigator garb and iconography. (Robes and eyes. Eyes everywhere.)

Septima has never navigated a ship by herself before but has literally trained for it her whole life. Her older brother Quartus (10 years older) was the Navigator for The Bottom Line until its recent Dark Voyage into the Warp. (He presumably had a relationship with the Seneschal and other surviving crew.)

Every Navigator perceives the Warp differently. Septima experiences it as a series of rooms inside a richly decorated house with no windows or doors. The light of the Astronomican is measured in the brightness of the light fixtures. As she becomes more in tune with the Warp the rooms will become starker and the walls will become ruined, exposing the true Chaos behind the illusion.

Septima Sabina Mariana Laelia

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