Sebastian Crabbe

Twist-catcher and proud of it


Crabbe is a bitter, pockmarked man in his early 60s. He is spry and well-toned, and his hearing is excellent—as any crewman will attest who thought he could get away with a joke at the old man behind his back.

Crabbe takes pride in his role of Twist-catcher, and it is a personal point of honor that no mutant aboard the ship escapes his hand. The most glowing compliment ever paid his work was from a mercenary captain who described him as “cruel, but fair, but cruel”.


Crabbe was born aboard the Collateral Damage several tours ago to a civilian family on pilgrimage to the Lacthian Shrine of St. Aurestus. His father, a degenerate gambler, wagered his unborn son’s servitude in a frenzied round of shipboard gambling. The elder Crabbe had counted on the fact that his wife was only three months pregnant and that they would disembark at the Shrine long before the debt could be collected—but unexpected Warp storms and course alterations made semi-permanent residents of many passengers and delayed their arrival at the Shrine a full year. Some residents became more permanent than others.

Young Sebastian was raised among the crew as a deck-swabber and filth-hauler, performing dangerous and disgusting tasks. As an indentured servant he was treated with little more respect than the mutants who shared his working space. As he aged, Crabbe rose within the ship’s ranks and attained positions of power within the underdecks, but was never able to wash away the stink of his youth. When the opportunity arose he took the role of Twist-catcher, channeling his childhood anger at his former peers.

Sebastian Crabbe

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