Sarles Canseco

Unscrupulous Rogue Trader who swindled a colony


Sarles is an sour, uncharitable man who appears to be in his early thirties. In reality he is several decades older but keeps his youth preserved by wearing a full-body carapace of xenos origin and undergoing regular rejuvenative treatments. His left eye is milky and blind, and a scar runs across the left side of his face.


Sarles never learned to play nice. The youngest of five scions of the Canseco Dynasty, he was constantly shut out of the family business and treated as redundant from birth. He clung to whatever scraps he was thrown and refused to part with the slightest advantage he could hold. When that was not enough, he took whatever he could wrest from his siblings by bribes, threats, or force. In time they grudgingly allowed him a full partnership in the dynasty, but he vowed that he would never be left in the cold again.

Sarles swindled Deacon Ifechi by abandoning him at the Temple Gate and stealing all his colony equipment and starcharts to Merv 12RB-75. He was later apprehended by Kavik Draque, who overpowered Sarles’ ship, executed its top crew (including Sarles) for piracy, and took the vessel and its contents for himself.

Sarles Canseco

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