Mysterious, reclusive Navigator of the Collateral Damage


Orpheus is the Navigator of the Collateral Damage. He never leaves the Navigator’s Oculus or the suite built around it, and does not allow anyone to enter these chambers besides his personal staff. His attendants and junior Navigators conduct all his business aboard the ship. When his direct attention is required, he speaks and sees through a modified servo-skull carried by an attendant.


Orpheus has been the Navigator of the Collateral Damage for as long as anyone aboard the ship can remember. Even the oldest voidfarers born into the crew have no memory of another Navigator in his place. Very little is known about Orpheus, and rumors abound as to the motives behind his self-imposed hermitry. The most common theory is that he possesses hideously disfiguring mutations and he hides his face out of shame, or even that his Warp-wracked body is no longer capable of movement. A wilder speculation is that there is no one man called “Orpheus” and that the servo-skull proxy carried by the Navigator attendants is a ruse controlled by a faceless cabal.


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