Brothers Navarre and Gervhart

A Black Templar Chaplain and Apothecary


Brothers Navarre and Gervhart are, for Black Templars, downright jovial. Gervhart has even been known to tell jokes, though his sense of humor leaves something to be desired. Both from the same Chapter Keep their fraternal bond goes deeper than most Brethren. They grew up together and were inducted together. They have fought together more times than they can count and in more than one instance have been the only survivors, using their innate bond to allow them to fight as a force greater than the sum of their skills.

On one such mission they were taking a group of Neophytes on a training mission to clear out a destroyed hive said to be corrupted by cultists. Lilyth was in command of an Imperial Guard detachment support sent to assist the the cleanup once the Astartes had purified the area. That was the plan, but plans don’t always work out. The cult had grown strong, filling its ranks with sorcerers and warp touched mutants. As the Templar squad approached the cultists allowed a Chosen of Khorne to emerge from the warp. The fresh Neophytes were not prepared for such a fierce foe and the battle was fierce. Many of the Neophytes were slain or grievously wounded, and the supporting guardsmen were almost annihilated to the man. After a brutal and bloody battle, the daemon, in a near dead rage flung itself at Brother Navarre as he stood fast over Gervhart while he extracted the gene-seed from a slain Brother. Lilyth, emboldened and enraged by her comrade’s deaths dove at the creature and managed to hamstring its left leg and causing it to stumble. Brother Nevarre used this opportunity to decapitate and slay the beast with his blessed chainsword. Knowing that Lilyth’s selfless action had ensured their survival he personally thanked her and honored her by inscribing her name on his sword, that he might always be reminded of her bravery.

Brothers Navarre and Gervhart

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