The Gentlemen Mous

Twistcatcher for the Doyle's Gambit


Twistcatcher – Into the Storm – Page 232
(action) Twistcatcher Raid: Gain 1d5 Crew Pop, -1 Moral

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Persuasion Willpower Fellowship
30* 30 60* 35* 60 40 55 60 50*

+ Higher when fighting “bare” handed.
+ Mutation: Unantural Strength/Toughness
+ -30 When seen without his clothing.

Forbidden Lore (Mutants)
Secret Tongue (Underdecks)


Mous looks completely normal, dresses nicely (he always wears gloves), and is one of the most devoted and professional crew members. Mous was a member of the Afficio Assassinorum before his “accident.” Mous is covered in coterized wounds where he has severed and burned his mutations away. Mous is good friends with ( lovers ) the pilot of the ship. Mous keeps only the most devote of mutants and disposes of the rest. His encounter with The Warp means that he is constantly growing new mutations which he must purge himself of; the only one he keeps is his “rat” hands, he needs those for snapping necks.

Demeanor: Professional, cool.

Mous does not like to stand out, so he is professional without being long-winded. Mous is very, very good at his job. He sits and stands straight with fingers crossed at all times and enunciates clearly.

The Gentlemen Mous

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