Medoc de Grave

Ambitious Master of Whispers aboard the Collateral Damage


Medoc is in his mid-thirties with deep black hair and a permanent smile. He dresses in rich robes, enjoying the privileges of his role as Master of Whispers.


Medoc is a native of Scintilla in the Calixis Sector. As the administrator of Hive Block 122.09.3c he skillfully increased bureaucratic efficiency by 3%. He was originally recruited to take the role of High Factotum aboard the Collateral Damage but was “demoted” to Master of Whispers when Herodion Nicostratus was placed in that role instead. The station of ship’s spymaster was still a major career advancement for Medoc, but he could not shake his resentment at being denied a higher post.

Medoc de Grave

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