Magnus "The Magnum Monk" Tuco

Gunslinger and Master-at-Arms of The Bottom Line


Nobody really knows where Magnus is from with rumors ranging from a warp-spawn orphan on a space hulk to a disowned and disgraced son of a noble house on Holy Terra, and Magnus himself seems pleased by the air of mystery it gives him since he keeps tight lipped about his past. What little is known is that after enlisting in the Inquisition and being quickly discharged for “classified reasons,” Magnus spent the next 15 years of his life traveling the Koronus Expanse as a self-described “wandering mercenary monk” dedicated to practicing his own personal philosophy and martial art, which he calls “Viam Tormentarii”. He always wears a finely tailored black armored suit, an armored black “Boss of the Plains” hat, and an armored face mask (equivalent to best quality enforcer light carapace). Generally speaking in a soft, calm, even tone,Magnus spends most of his time meditating, training, or caring for a small portable rock garden and bonsai tree. When engaged in combat however Magnus enters a trance-like state and often gets an almost demonic gleam in his eyes. The once calm and thoughtful man becomes a dervish of death as he whirls through gunfire and sword strikes alike while simultaneously placing devastatingly precise shots from his own weapons, a pair ancient and heavily customized pistols (35m Rng S/-/6 1d10+4 I Pen 2 Clp 18). No one living has reportedly seen his face, or at least no one living and willing to tell the tale.

His reasons for his recent enlistment as Master-at-Arms the crew of The Bottom Line and subsequent Oath of Fealty to the Raethos Dynasty would not seem profit motivated, as he asked for far less than the services of a warrior his skill could normally fetch. He in fact seemed quite eager to join when contacted, accepting the initial offer without any negotiation and offering to meet their fleet as soon as possible. His only stipulation was that he be allowed to pick and train his own elite boarding defense team. Once aboard and settled in, he set up a small dojo and combat training course and began scouring the crew for appropriate students. He has clearly noticed the dark taint the ship carries, but has so far not commented or seemed concerned.

Art by Deligaris.

Magnus "The Magnum Monk" Tuco

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