Lucan Nicostratus

Planetary Governor of Caerus Ekho


Lucan Nicostratus was awarded the title Planetary Governor of Caerus Ekho after many years of faithful military service. While reluctant to take the title, especially on such a soft planet, Nicostratus was not about to refuse the blessings of the Emperor. Instead, he devoted himself fully to his career. Much to the dismay of local residents, the governor proved to be a shrewd politician and canny political opponent. His knowledge of, or perhaps disdain for, typical political machinations proving to be enough to keep him at least one step ahead of the other Caerusian nobles.

Yet, despite his aversion to the aristocracy, Lucan found himself happily married to the daughter of one of local nobles. He and his wife, Daniellia, shared many contented years together raising their four daughters. However, shortly after their youngest child was born Lady Nicostratus fell ill. Though she persisted for several years, Daniellia died before their only son had seen his third year. After the death of his wife, Lucan’s four daughters and son, Herodion, were raised primarily by a series of live-in tutors and various other hired help. The planetary governor took Daniellia’s death poorly and threw himself wholly into his work. Seeing their children, his children, grow up in the decadence and grandeur for which he had so much contempt was nearly more than he could bear. As soon as they came of age his children were sent to various academies in the sector, after which Lucan was left to govern, and grieve, alone.

In subsequent years the governor has become notorious for his hard bargaining skills. Despite the chafing of the nobles, Caerus Ekho has thrived under his rule. A handful of Nicostratus’s politically and tactically sound deals, including one with a certain Kavik Draque of the Cadian 180th, have successfully secured the planet’s position as both a prosperous and protected locale in the sector.

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Lucan Nicostratus

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