Lilyth Renatus


Character Overview
Name: Lilyth Renatus Career: Missionary Ship: Collateral Damage
Wounds: 12 Fate Points: 4 Rank: 1 (Advancement)
Insanity: 42 Corruption: 0 Art credit: SirBronson
Disorders: Invulnerability Malignancies: Mutations:
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
42 39 40 33 34 (8)42 41 53 34
Basic skills B T +10 +20 Mods
Awareness (Per)
Barter (Fel)
Carouse (T)
Charm (Fel)
Climb (S)
Command (Fel)
Concealment (Ag)
Contortionist (Ag)
Deceive (Fel)
Disguise (Fel)
Dodge (Ag)
Evaluate (Int)
Gamble (Int)
Inquiry (Fel)
Intimidate (S)
Logic (Int)
Scrutiny (Per)
Search (Per)
Silent Move (Ag)
Swim (S)
Group skills B T +10 +20 Mods
Ciphers (Int)
Drive (Ag)
Navigation (Int)
Performer (Fel)
Pilot (Ag)
Trade: Quartermaster (Int)
Advanced skills B T +10 +20 Mods
Acrobatics (Ag)
Blather (Fel)
Chem-Use (Int)
Commerce (Fel)
Demolition (Int)
Interrogation (WP)
Literacy (Int)
Medicae (Int) +10
Psyniscience (Per)
Security (Ag)
Shadowing (Ag)
Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Survival (Int)
Tech-Use (Int)
Tracking (Int)
Wrangling (Int)
Lore skills B T +10 +20 Mods
Common Lore(Int)
Imperial Creed
Forbidden Lore
Scholastic Lore(Int)
Imperial Creed
Secret Tongue
Speak Language (Int)
High Gothic
Low Gothic
Armour of Contempt: Reduce corruption gain by 1 (min 0); Can make a WP test to ignore accumulated corruption effects for 1 round as a free action
Hatred(Heretics) +10 in close combat against hated group
Jaded Immune to Fear Test and Insanity from fear (Horrors of the Warp still affect)
Light Sleeper Always assumed to be awake for the purposes of awareness tests
Nerves of Steel Re-roll failed WP to avoid/recover from pinning
Paranoia +2 Initiative, Paranoid
Peer(Military/Inquisition/Black Templars) +10 Fel to dealing with peer group
Pure Faith: Immune to Daemonic Presence (including WP penalties); Spend Fate Point to ignore Fear Tests/Insanity Gain/Corruption Gain (for remainder of encounter); Burn a fate point to resist any single daemonic/psychic attack
Resistance(Fear) +10 resist on (x) tests
Talented(Medicae) +10 to (x) tests
Unremarkable -20 to tests made to describe or recall details
Unshakable Faith: Reroll failed WP fear tests.
Weapon Training: Melee(Universal)/Basic(Universal)/Flame(Universal)/Pistols(Las)
Whispers Unheard: Half action, pass Int test + lower than insanity until next round may treat all int tests as basic, add half insanity (round up) as a bonus, gain 1d5-2(min 0) insanity for each successful int skill test
Traits & Benefits
Constant Combat Training -5 Fel when discussing non-combat related topics (GM Discretion)
Duty to the Throne -10 Fel when interacting with non-Imperials (Xenos, heretics, traitors, etc)
Ecclesiarchal Tabard
Aquila Pendant
Censer and Incense
Cortex Implant
Field Medkit
Death Korps Issue Gas Mask
Entrenching Tool
Best-quality Mono-Sabre
Class: Melee Damage: 1d10+5R Penetration: 2
Range: Melee RoF: Melee Clip: NA Reload: NA
Special rules: Balanced (+10 WS Parry)
Best-quality Hellpistol
Class: Pistol Damage: 1d10+4E Penetration: 7
Range: 35m RoF: S/2/- Clip: 40 Reload: 2 Full
Special rules: Never Jams
Forarm Powerblade
Class: Melee Damage: 1d10+5E Penetration: 4
Range: Melee RoF: NA Clip: NA Reload: NA
Special rules: Balanced (10 BS Parry) Defensive (15 WS Parry, -10 WS Attack)
Head 5 1-10
Right arm 5 11-20
Left arm 5 21-30
Body 5 31-70
Right leg 5 71-85
Left leg 5 86-100
Type: Guard Flak(best), Greatcoat
Special rules:

Lilyth, like most Krieg natives, does not speak of her childhood or training on her homeworld much. When asked she will grunt and give the faintest hint of a smirk. However, that smirk soon fades into a cold hard stare if you begin asking about her service in the Death Korp. That stare becomes a vicious sneer if you ask about her final assignment as the Commander of a Battalion attached to an Inquisitorial mission to retake and secure a Black Ship that had been overrun by the foul forces of Chaos.

The sights, the sounds, the smells… even the taste of that foul corruption still lingers in Lilyth’s mind. The psychic restraints in place about that blighted vessel had weakened and allowed the ship, laden with nascent souls touched with the Emperor’s Curse, to rise up and subdue the crew. A cult devoted to the wicked Daemon Slaanesh managed to seize control of the ship and begin “converting” the crew and other prisoners alike. Fighting was fierce and brutal, going from room to room granting every soul aboard the Emperor’s Mercy. Kavik was the commander of the Battle-group that was called in as backup. Due to some warp dilation they arrived late, just as the last of the cultists and victims were being put down. Most of the battalion had died in the process, as had most of the Inquisitor team. She had suffered a fairly serious head wound and as recognition for her valor, she was awarded a very rare and finely crafted cortex implant scavenged from the slain Engineseer of the Black Ship.

Once the fighting was done and all had been put to the sword and torch, Lilyth knew what horrors awaited humanity in the vast void. She knew that humanity and the God Emperor would be better served as a missionary spreading his light in the darkness, than as a mere guardsman and she requested a honorable discharge to don the Ecclesiarchal Robes. Kavik used his pull to push this through, seeing the squandered potential of keeping Lilyth in her current position. Lilyth’s monastic training was concluding about the same time Kavik was set to receive his Warrant and she knew he was in need of a Cheif Chirugenon, a skill Lilyth excelled at. She sent him a message requesting assignment aboard his new ship and set out immediately, knowing the reply before it was sent.

Always alert, vigilant and unwavering in her faith to the God Emperor, Lilyth strives to be a shining beacon in the tumultuous sea of Chaos and knows her new position will allow her to bring the God Emeror’s truth and the God Emeror’s justice to the untamed and corrupt Koronos Expanse

Lilyth Renatus

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