Krag is the current King of Dust. He has a bone to pick with Victrix.

Krag had been on his own path of Glory when the talented assassin Victrix landed on Dust. Over the course of just a few months she managed what had taken him years to accomplish, and in a few years she managed to unite all of Dust where no other ever had.

Krag had been well on his way to accomplishing that very goal when he was bested in one-on-one combat by the “devil woman.”

He had been planning the coup of the century when Kavik Draque offered Victrix the chance to leave Dust behind her.

In the void of rulership she left behind her, Krag easily took the title of King of Dust, but it has never set well with him. His life has lacked the catharsis which killing Victrix would offer.


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