Jemidar Archis

Astropath Transcendant on the New Radius

Character Overview
Name: Jemidar Archis Career: Astropath Transcendant
Wounds: 10 Fate Points: 1 Rank: 1 (Advancement)
Insanity: 0 Corruption: 0 Ship: New Radius
Homeworld: Forge World Birthright: Child of the Creed Lure of the Void: Crusade (Chasing the Enemy)
Trials: Ship-Lorn Motivation: Pride Lineage: none
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
24 37 40 39 40 38 42 41 39

Technical Knock: may un-jam a weapon as a half action
Unshakeable Faith: may reroll any failed Willpower tests for Fear
Hatred (TBD): +10 to weapon tests against this group
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal):
Heightened Senses (Sound): +10 to tests involving sound
Psy Rating (2): indicates psychic power

Psychic Abilities

Soul-Bound to the Emperor: +20 to resist possession or any Willpower test against a demon; roll an additional d10 for Perils of the Warp and choose the best result
Psychic Powers: start with Astral Telepathy
See Without Eyes: functional vision, not affected by flash grenades (etc), cannot see Untouchables


Reliquary of Saint Drusus (+20 to interactions with Ministorium)

Traits and Bonuses

Credo Omnissiah: grants Technical Knock
Fit for Purpose: chose +3 Willpower
Stranger to the Cult: -10 to tests involving knowledge of Imperial Creed, -5 to interactions with Ecclesiarchy
Against All Odds: gain Survival, may reroll when spending Fate Point to regain wounds
Ill-Starred: lose 1 Fate Point, -5 to interactions with voidborn and other strangers who know your reputation

Psychic Techniques

Astral Telepathy:

Mind’s Eye:

Mind Probe:

Mind Link:

Mind Scan:

Name: Las Pistol or Stub Auto Quality: Best
Class: Damage: Type: Penetration:
Range: ROF: Clip: Reload:
Special Rules:
Name: Mono Sword or Shock Staff Quality: Best/Common
Class: Damage: Type: Penetration:
Range: ROF: Clip: Reload:
Special Rules:
Head 4 1-10
Right Arm 4 11-20
Left Arm 4 21-30
Body 4 31-70
Right Leg 4 71-85
Left Leg 4 86-100
Type: Guard flak armour
Special Rules: Counts as 5 against non-directed Blasts
Movement & Lifting
Half: 4 m Full: 8 m
Charge: 12 m Run: 24 m
Leap: 4 m Jump: 80 cm
Lift: 90 kg Carry: 45 kg
Push: 180 kg
Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers Skill B T +10 +20 Modifiers
Acrobatics (Ag) Lip-Reading (Per)
Awareness (Per) B T Literacy (Int)
Barter (Fel) B Logic (Int) B
Blather (Fel) Medicae (Int)
Carouse (T) B Navigation (Int)
Charm (Fel) B  
Chem-Use (Int)  
Ciphers (Int) Performer (Fel1)
Climb (S1) B Pilot (Ag)
Command (Fel) B  
Commerce (Fel)  
Common Lore (Int)  
Tech B  
Machine Cult B Psyniscience (Per) B T
Adeptus Astra Telepathica B T Scholastic Lore (Int)
  Cryptology B T
Concealment (Ag) B  
Contortionist (Ag) B Scrutiny (Per) B
Deceive (Fel) B Search (Per) B
Demolition (Int) Secret Tongue (Int)
Dodge (Ag) B  
Drive (Ag1)  
  Security (Ag1)
  Shadowing (Ag)
Evaluate (Int) B Silent Move (Ag) B
Forbidden Lore (Int) Sleight of Hand (Ag)
Psykers B T Speak Language (Int)
  High Gothic B T
  Low Gothic B T
  Survival (Int) B T
  Swim (S) B
  Tech-Use (Int)
  Tracking (Int1)
  Trade (Int)
Gamble (Int1) B  
Inquiry (Fel) B  
Interrogation (WP1)  
Intimidate (S1) B  
Invocation (WP) B T Wrangling (Int)

1 At GM’s discretion, these skills may be based on different attributes.


Jemidar Archis

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