Jasper Bentree

Ship's Steward of The Bottom Line


Jasper Bentree is a young, ambitious man, with a strong sense of structure, class, and aesthetic. From a young age he watched his parents proudly serve the Emperor, only to squander their various talents and die before their time due to the poor conditions of their station. Being both smart and ruthless, Jasper is determined to utilize his abilities to the fullest to achieve the best position available for one of his station.

When the old steward of The Bottom Line died in its last Dark Voyage, Jasper saw his opportunity and viciously elbowed and jockeyed his way into a favorable enough position within the Raethos Dynasty to be chosen as the new steward.

Jasper is good at what benefits him. While he cares little for those below his position, he is helpful and often indispensable to those ranked above him—because he is both good at what he does, and because he believes that a good turn deserves another. Gorst likes the man because (besides being good at what he does), Jasper is very well suited for taking care of any guests that may stay in the ship’s luxury quarters (and letting the ranking members of the crew know what these honored guests are up to). Somewhat unfeeling towards those of lower stations in life, Jasper is also well-suited for his position in times of rationing where sympathy is a hindrance.

Model by Mediacom

Jasper Bentree

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