Lell'chk-zat (Hephaestus)

Enginseer Prime of the Bottom Line


Born on the unforgiving surface of Hesh, Lell’chk-zat was brought into the world for one purpose, and one purpose only: to whisper to the great machine spirits. Being only distantly related to the Raethos Dynasty, Lell spent his youth devoting himself wholly to Mechanicus.

When Lord Arek Raethos inherited The Bottom Line, it refused to listen to any of the holy servants who graced its halls. He sent a missive to The Lathes to acquire an Enginseer who could handle his unruly new Tech.

Where others had failed, been lost to madness, or mentally fried beyond repair, Lell’chk-zat succeeded.

Lell is a large muscular man with bronze skin, big hands, red mechanical eyes, and a calm disposition (it is not known from what angry reserves he draws to be able to relate to The Bottom Line). He wears the red robes of the Cult of Mechanicus and brooks no slander against his beliefs. Unlike most of the crew who survived the Dark Voyage which slaughtered most of the crew, Lell was left remarkably unscathed—he spent most of the terrible experience in prayer—although he does seem to have an even stronger bond to the ship.

Art by tgHermit.

Lell'chk-zat (Hephaestus)

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