Deacon Ifechi

Leader of a colonial expedition from Macutio


Deacon Ifechi is a weathered man in his later years with a stringy beard. He wears functional yet finely woven robes with many internal pockets.


Ifechi was born and raised on the hiveworld Macutio, where he entered the Ministorium Colonicus at an early age. He did not have an immediate success in the survival training program, nearly dying on his first solo overnight excursion. However, he persevered and eventually grew comfortable within the Ministorium.

Late in life he was chosen to lead an expedition of two thousand colonists to a new world. The group was assigned to survey and settle a system marked on their starcharts as Merv 12RB-75, which Ministorium archivists had determined may once have supported human life. Ifechi contracted with a Rogue Trader to escort his flock to the system, but was betrayed and abandoned at the Temple Gate when the Trader absconded with the starcharts and all their supplies, presumably to seek the system’s wealth for himself.

Kavik Draque passed through the Temple several weeks after the colonists’ abandonment, after they had been forced to sell the shuttles they had been living in and take semi-permanent residence in the station as refugees. He agreed to adopt Ifechi’s people into his crew and help them found a new colony.

Deacon Ifechi

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