Caldar Raethos

Scion of the Raethos Dynasty and Lord Captain of the Bottom Line


Caldar is short, stocky, and pale, with gray eyes and white hair, as befits a Noble of Tarsus. Generations spent acclimating to the cold, dark, and confined spaces of the bottom of the Hive have produced these qualities in its nobility, and he views them as a point of pride. His face is clean-shaven and drawn, with care lines around his mouth and eyes that disappear or lessen when he smiles. He wears the enameled, ancient armor of his House while on the bridge of The Bottom Line or away from the ship in memory of his father and honor of his line. The symbol of the Raethos Dynasty, a claw gripping an icicle, is inlaid on the chest and shoulders. He carries a sword on his right hip and a pistol on his left.

Caldar is impulsive and hot-headed, but his recent experiences have sobered him and made him at least consider the consequences of his actions. He does not take insults lightly, either aimed at himself or those he considers his friends, and will remember a slight for a long time even if he chooses not to reply. Though he values the input of those around him, he grows impatient with overlong discussion and will often snap to a conclusion without warning and act rather than continue debate. He regrets the loss of his father and strives to live up to his example, showing compassion to his crew and others. He wants badly to make a name for himself and have his family’s name go down in history.

“In ténebris, gloriam nostram”

Caldar Raethos

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