Cabhan Murtahg

"The Crack Pilot Cabhan" - Pilot of the Doyle's Gambit


Master Helmsman
(action) Master Helmsman’s Maneuvers: +10 to Evasive Action

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Persuasion Willpower Fellowship
10 40 25 25* 40 35 50 35 25

+ This after the -40 from having his implants removed.

Pilot (Spacecraft)
Trade (Voidfarer)


Cabhan used to be a small ship pilot for an Ark Mechanicus. After an unfortunate heating incident he was suspected of being a heretic to the cult and fled to the relative safety of the Adeptus Arbites. Given The Emperor’s Law, Cabhan was allowed to keep living with all of his mechanicus implants removed and his name changed. Cabhan is missing several limbs, an eye, and part of his jaw. These handicaps, however, do not appear to hinder his abilities as a flight pilot. Cabhan is a kleptomaniac and steals from others’ without thought. He will, however, return anything he takes if asked. Cabhan is in a relationship with The Gentlemen Mous.

Demeanor: Jovial, cowardly, honest.

Cabhan smiles a lot: he’s friendly and open, but rarely offers more information than asked.

Cabhan Murtahg

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