Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log III


+++FILE DESIGNATION: 003-4.254.041.M42+++
+++TEMPUS: 4.254.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Merv 12RB-75+++

  • Captain asked for Lilyth Renatus and I to ascertain the innocence of one Winthers.
  • Lilyth applied exact precision while questioning. Winthers probably babbled to stop the pain, but did confess to the crime. She was subsequently made an example of, although I rest uneasy that she was left to the Warp and not to the sword.
  • Ran my “Endless Wheel” training for some crew who had been falling behind.
  • Practiced duel-wielding Heavy Stubbers, I will need more training before this is a viable combat option. Much easier to duel-wield Hellsent Flamers.
  • Caught the Gilded Hook.
  • Battle was negligible, but I did get the pleasure of separating the youngest Canseco’s head from his shoulders. I approve of Kavik Draque’s swift justice to those who truck with Xeno artifacts and piracy against the Imperium of Man.
  • Merv 12RB-75 does seem to have a hospitable planet for the colonists.

Current rations @ 98%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 003-4.254.041.M42+++


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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