Into that Vast Expanse

First Officer's Log I


+++FILE DESIGNATION: 001-4.159.041.M42+++
+++TEMPUS: 4.159.041.M42+++
+++LOCATION: Port Wander+++

As per my captain’s request, I will be keeping several logs as the First Officer aboard the Collateral Damage.


  • The first will be kept using standard military encryptions and will be stored with other official ships logs. This will track the regime for which I am responsible.

  • The second, a favor to Captain Draque, will be kept using his personalized encryption code (currently a pidgin encryption of various military codes, words which come from the places he has traveled, and Draque’s personal sense of humor). I’m sure this code will see more refinement through the careful guidance of Medoc de Grave. This log will be for the minutiae of the day-to-day.

  • The third, will be kept using my personalized encryption code (a bastardization of Callidus encryptions, Dust slang, and the Emperor’s Will—providing). This log will be for my own “ramblings.” I have heard that keeping such a record can help with many things (memory loss, focus, and mental health).


One would think that referring to Cdr. Kavik as Captain would not be strange, but I have found it one of the more difficult transitions—if only for the tongue. “Captain” is, of course, fitting.

After receiving Kavik’s list of potential command crew, I researched and located each, and sent a missive telling of our arrival. They are an interesting group. Colorful and diverse in a way I would have expected of Kavik. But I am glad to have our loyal men from Dust. I take some comfort in blood bonds we have formed.

I will not leave my Premeditations here, because should I lose those memories, I will simply create new ones.


  • Kavik Draque, Captain – A military officer I have served with for many years. He knows of my past and accepts me as a member of his crew regardless. This, perhaps, speaks for itself.

  • Lilyth Renatus, Chirurgeon – By all accounts a competent chirurgeon with a history of battle. She seems subdued, but knowledgeable. She plays her cards close to her chest, and I will have to watch her. I appreciate how efficient she seems.

  • Triox Kalin, Engenseer Prime – As difficult to read and predict as most of the Cult of Mars. Triox treats his place within the Dynasty as a given, for which I am thankful. Perhaps this attitude comes from the cult’s overbearing love of the Collateral Damage, but it seems to be a more personal quirk.

  • Herodion Nicostratus, Seneschal & Purser – A young, inexperienced boy who Kavik has taken under his wing. He will, most likely, be able to converse with civilians in a much more experienced manner than the other members of the command crew. Hopefully, this will make up for his more irritating qualities*. It seems Kavik sees the boy as an opportunity to prove his ability to create a Competent out of nothing. While the challenge for such is ill-timed, perhaps it is not ill-advised.


*He lives in excess. And plays music at ungodly hours. If I find him doing so again—rather than risk the embarrassment of Kavik fighting my battles for me—I will introduce him to Horse Cleaver. It is unbecoming for one of my rank to squabble like child.


Current rations @ 50%

+++FILE DESIGNATION: 001-4.159.041.M42+++


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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