Into that Vast Expanse

Vesper Nemo: Official Missive

Discovery of His Will Be Done

Crashed ship
To: Novator Unum Promultis Nemo
From: V. Nemo VI
Re: Fallen Ship Recovery in Progress

Father Novator,
The Rogue Trader to which I have been bound has discovered the fallen remains of His Will Be Done. Nearly half a millennium has passed since the ship split apart and crashed upon this planet, which has been christened Arck. The quality of inhabitants has suffered greatly from the resultant genetic bottleneck. Stranded with no means of communication or transport, only the lowest forms on the ship have survived and procreated. The resultant offspring are a mean, obtuse lot. Their leader made efforts to communicate the reasons for the initial crash—a gross miscalculation on the part of the Navigator. I take their continued existence as a cautionary tale of the consequences of failure.

The prow of the ship remains lost in the ocean’s depths, though a recovery effort is in progress. Aside from a quantity of prometheum, the vessel potentially holds a number of relics to reclaim. The primitive xenos which inhabit this planet will provide no significant resistance to our efforts. The merest display of power proved enough to cow their ignorant civilization, if such a word is even applicable.

Expect a missive upon completion of business on this planet.
-Nemo VI


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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