Into that Vast Expanse

Septima's Letter to Brutus, Part 1

Heresy and corruption on Vaporius


By the time this letter reaches your eye you will no doubt have been informed of the new xenos threat unleashed at Pulsar 484-Scran, as relayed by our Choirmaster. I trust that you and the rest of the family will take adequate precautions lest you encounter this species unprepared, as they are a powerful breed and command many insidious powers of the Warp.

Needless to say, the search for the lost warp routes of Saint Drusus did not bear any fruit at the Pulsar, and so The Bottom Line has continued on to the feudal world Vaporius. This is a dry, desiccated world, and its people have all but forgotten the Emperor’s grace. As I put words to parchment, we await the delivery of a Drusan missionary whose craft was shot down as she attempted to land upon the planet’s surface. In her conversation with the Lord Captain over vox she revealed that she had come to the planet for an unspecified Drusan relic—I can only hope she does not refer to the very warp routes we seek, as I fear a grave conflict of interest.


It appears that the inhabitants of this sphere, though unorthodox and heretical in their faith, are no strangers to outside visitors. The priest-king of the local city-state has insisted that we assist him with his war effort, lest we fall prey to the same gruesome fate he bestowed upon his previous guests. It grates my soul to acquiesce to his demands, but truth be told we require his cooperation if we are to gain access to the Drusan temple located in his holy palace. The air above me is thick with cargo ships bearing pure water and refined adamantium from the holds of our vessels in orbit. When the king’s silos are finally supplied, we will enter the temple and see what relics it holds.

(continued in Septima’s Letter to Brutus, Part 2)


ElAdoran ElAdoran

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