Into that Vast Expanse

Satrius Na-Rami - Captain's Log

##Rouge Trader: Satrius Na-Rami Console##




##permission granted: Welcome Captain##

In the newly claimed Arc system, we landed on the planet XXPLACEHOLDERXX and began to find any life suitable for enrollment in the Imperium, lacking that we will find any resources or monies of value and provide a display of might for the local…. creatures.

We encountered a race not fit to name on the planet’s surface. Reptilian in appearance and devoid of worthwhile technology we eliminated what we considered to be their commander and laid waste to the pathetic huts they assembled.

Our scans reported the evidence of ##entry redacted: profit factor risk indicator detected## in enough supply to warrant excavation of the surrounding area.

Also of note was the existence of a downed light cruiser the His Will be Done the vessel broke into two main pieces while entering the planet The crew must have been stranded for millenia on the surface – the survivors gene pool becoming ever more shallow. A disgraceful lack of progress has been made on their behalf toward re-establishing communications with the astronomicon. But these were the workers mostly in this section and considering the lack of officers, one can understand their lack of progress. That said, their crude appearance and broken gestures towards the glory of the Emperor was commendable – like the drawings of a child.

I will begin to break down a review of senior officers now:

Nemo: The navigator is preforming admirably. We have encountered several warp storms to this point and we have come through scarred and carry no taint of the warp. Her tactics are… odd to my eyes, but she knows her craft. This is certain.

Sister Archis: A voice of calm reason is always enjoyed. Despite having much to attend to on board the ship our Psyker made the away mission and proved valuable in locating the source of the fuel supply, and as well as judging the intentions of the crew survivors.

Hexus: A gunslinger by trade and a wanderer. Useful, though curt and sometimes forgetting himself and his place. But… His background is totally foreign to me, and in my tour of penance I must learn to trust that which I am wary of. To an extent naturally. I must find means of utilizing his talents more.

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