Into that Vast Expanse

Non-Technical Records of Genetor Kalin S6


Initial orbital survey of Kaph indicates potential surviving structures beneath the ice at several locations. I have chosen one that appears to still be active in some capacity and recommended it to Draque for exploration.

First expedition to Kaph was a success. I was pleased to recover several archeotech pre-servitor designs which should serve Draque well as bodyguards for the mission. My acolytes have salvaged several archeotech atomics as well. Their machine spirits are fickle and unstable, and I hope to be rid of them as soon as my analysis is complete.

Tsadi exhibits several interesting gravitic anomalies. I will be excited to learn the source of this mystery.

Post-fetal development of clones CD-0003/1, CD-0003/2, and CD-0003/4 is proceeding well. CD-0003/3 fell subject to undesirable mutation and had to be terminated.

A construction tainted by the foulest innovation of the Dark Age was present on Tsadi. The fools, unenlightened by the wisdom of the Omnissiah, sought to power His holy machines with the accursed energy of the Immaterium. It is clear now what caused the fate that befell this system. The very presence of the device seemed to wreak havoc on minds unpurified by logic, as Renatus and Victrix fell victim to several hallucinations and fired weapons at shadows in its tunnels. I have performed rites of cleansing on the device and rendered it unable to activate again.

The Understanding of the Omnissiah has again revealed Him to me as my acolytes uncovered a device capable of manipulating gravitic forces in isolated areas free from the taint of the larger machine. Its spirit is willing, and I intend to augment my own systems with its blessed design. It is signs like this that give me the hope that Mars may yet be saved.



ElAdoran DannyOMara

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