Into that Vast Expanse

Non-Technical Records of Genetor Kalin S5


Astromantic analysis of the Ozymandias sub-system indicates inauspicious alignment of planetoids in conformance with Chaos symbology. Extinction events on planetoids coincide with a “wanderer” rogue planet entering the system, completing symbology of the Changer of Ways (Omnissiah grant us the will to resist his designs).

Draque sent a two-man craft through the ruins of the Wanderer. Contact was lost, but a malign presence assaulted the psyker. The ship was destroyed without my consultation, at loss of potentially valuable data. I have lodged a formal complaint with Draque.

We have completed initial investigation of Nun. The planet’s atmosphere is unsuitable for habitation. Previous hab blocks have been extensively corroded and are now inhabited by mutant rats. Estimated chances of valuables to be recovered: .0063%. Augmented Potentia Coil performed above expectations with the rite of the Ferric Lure.



ElAdoran ElAdoran

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