Into that Vast Expanse

Non-Technical Records of Genetor Kalin S4


We just returned from reconnaissance on Shin. The ruins held signs of ancient tech, but little of use could be recovered. An ancient device of quite ingenious construction had been put to use as an entertainment object, but was unfortunately perverted by the forces of Chaos. I am concerned by the crew’s willingness to sacrifice #3 to its own inexperience. The two possible outcomes of this pattern, an increase in #3’s abilities or its destruction, are both unfavorable to my research timeline. I will consider means of dealing with this.

Several devices of archeotech origin that may be of use were recovered. See records S.30142-S.30147 for in-depth analysis. I have retrofitted the power coils of the entertainment device to augment my own potentia coil, with favorable results.



ElAdoran ElAdoran

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